By some accounts there are over 50 million guitar players, world wide. This figure includes players who can strum a few basic chords as well as the true master players who amaze and inspire at every turn. Regardless of the level you are currently playing at, or the level you aspire to play at, the sheer enjoyment of making music with this instrument is captivating, addictive.


I LOVE playing the guitar! I LOVE teaching others to play the guitar. With over 22 years of teaching experience I believe I can help you to achieve whatever personal goals you have set for your guitar playing. Everyone learns a bit differently and personalized lessons, tailored to your specific goals and interests, presented in a relaxed and comfortable environment are key to rewarding progress.


Whether you are a total beginner or self-taught,  an elementary school student or a working adult, I hope you’ll be inspired to contact me about guitar instruction!